Kabbalah and Jewish Jewelry


Kabbalah in the Jewish jewelry is getting more and more popular every day. Kabbalah is a word in the Hebrew language, what means “revelation” or “reception” and its religious philosophical system that helps to give insight in the divine nature. Kabbalah system contains the key to the mystical elements of life and helps people to learn everything about the almighty Creator, the universe and the purpose of humans on our planet. The spirituality of Kabbalah is mainly found in the power and favors that it gives to its followers.
Jewish Kabbalah jewelry isn’t only beautiful to look at, it also gives the one wearing it loads of positive energy. The blessings which are carried by this jewelry can help people to overcome a difficult time in their life. Kabbalah jewelry is known for its powerful potential to protect and to give safety, wealth, happiness, health and a good life to those who are wearing it.


72 names of God in Kabbalah Jewelry

72 names of God are used in the Kabbalah. These names are the key to happiness, prosperity and blessings. All the names are seen as unspeakable and holy and they refer to different powers. Kabbalah jewelry often carry inscriptions with names of God who have a special meaning. The Hebrew letters for Alef, Lamned and Dalet for instance offer protection against the evil eye and evil spirits and can be used as protection amulets.


Shapes and forms of Jewish and Kabbalah jewelry

Because of its certain shapes, Kabbalah and Jewish jewelry create special energy fields. The Silver Pendant “My Fire Will Continue Until The Coming of the Messiah” for example consists of a flame shaped hanger, symbolizing creation and rebirth. The shape of fire can be often seen in Jewish Kabbalah jewelry, for example as a bracelet or charm.


Kabbalah rings

Jewish rings are famous for their virtues for prosperity and health. Different inscriptions are engraved on the Kabbalah rings to protect the wearer against negative energy. Of course it depends on the type of ring and the inscription that the wearer chooses for what protection the ring offers. A Kabbalah ring is often made of silver and some are set with gemstones. The combination of materials and its energy is connected by the ring and transferred to the wearer.

Kabbalah jewelry is becoming increasingly popular worldwide because of it’s astonishing religious significance. For example red string bracelet is very popular in different countries even among some celebrities which believe in power of Kabbalah and wear this protection talisman. Holy Jewish and Kabbalah jewelry brings not only good fortune and prosperity, but also gives positive feelings at times when this is greatly needed!