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Welcome to HolyLand-Craft

Support Israel - buy Israeli products

Welcome to our Israel online shop HolyLand - Craft!

HolyLand - Craft Shop belongs to Israeli company Comeback4U, which is located in Ramat Hasharon and operates several e commerce websites. HolyLand Project is for people who want to support Israel and to share truly information about our beautiful country, check our news website www.holylandinformation.com

more about Comeback4U

Our goal

HolyLand - Craft Shop was founded for Israel bussines support and for people who want to buy the best made in Israel products. Our goal is to bring Israeli products worldwide and to fight BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) of Jewish Land. Our HolyLand Team is active on several social networks and our friends started to ask us about specific products from Israel, so we decided to create HolyLand store which includes not only Judaica store, but has also a big range of Israel products that people from all over the world can buy Jewish and Christian gifts for their families and friends.

What we offer

In our store you can buy this made in Israel Products:

  • Jewish Jewelry and Christian Jewelry

Our unique jewelry items are hand crafted and custom made by israeli jewelry designer and have special spiritual meaning, such as Kabbalah Jewelry, the Star of David Collection and different original hand made jewelry:

Michal Kirat's historic Roman Glass Jewelry

Spiritual Rose of Bethlehem Jewelry

Nano Bibel Jewelry

Here you can find gifts for any occasion. We support Israeli designers and artists and help them to sell their art worldwide. 

We offer big choice of Israel Army t-shirts:

 IDF t-shirts

 Mossad t-shirts

 Krav Maga t-shirts 

The t-shirts are in all sizes and different colors, you can choose even print option on the back or front. You can find in our online shop big collection of Israel hoodies and sweatshirts, as other items with support Israel prints. 

Biblical sandals or so called Jerusalem sandals from natural camel leather are very popular in Israel. They have very long history and will be hand crafted in Israel already since more than 3000years.

The best Dead Sea Cosmetic Brands from Israel who produce high quality products:


Dead Sea Minerals

Jericho and Sea of Spa


If you have special requests or you cant find something on our website, please contact us or in our live chat.